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Welcome to VIGVILLE! :)

November 11, 2011

VIG has Many “Different Meanings” Depending on what Your Personal Preference Is ? You Could Be…”V.I.G.reat” or “V.I.G.rand’ or Even…”V.I.G.orgeous”..:) You can also Be a “V.I.G.olfer” that Aspires to Become A “V.I.G.enius”… or Becoming a “V.I.G.raduate” that has a Loving “V.I.G.randmother” or “V.I.G.randfather” πŸ™‚ You Can Become “V.I.G.racious” to Your Very Own ….”V.I.G.od’ πŸ™‚ Whether “YOU” Are “V.I.G.igantic” or “V.I.G.ay….from ANY Walk of Life !! Tall, Short. Thick, Thin, Black, White, Yellow, It Doesn’t Matter !! Even if Your a “V.I.G.angsta” πŸ™‚ There Is a V.I.G. for Everyone ! “Everyone You Know”…. is a “V.I.G.” ! Your Mother, Brothers, Sisters, Friends Even Your Grandparents and Children Are ALL VIG’s ! This New and Innovative Lifestyleto Is Considered “V.I.G.olden” and Will Become a Major Entity Around the “V.I.G.lobe” !


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